Meet the team who make us today!

Small Team
Multidisciplinary Structure
Collective Working Style

And the result; more than game…

who we are?


We are a mobile game and application studio that likes to play games and produce as much, and has 2 people at its core, but sometimes more. We are a studio that produces for everyone with everyone, with the motto “game for all”, which is our motto in all the projects we do.

What kınd of games do we make?

Are you ready to enter the Patronus World?

We make games that are basically similar and simple, but diversified in them. These games are; They are simple entertainment games in the categories of Role Play, Board Games and Fun Trivia Games. As our motto, we try to make games for everyone. We work every day to diversify our game genres.

Family First

Patronus Studio is Everyone’s Studio, which develops applications and mobile games for the Patronus Family together with the Patronus Family.

Our Leadhershıp

Osman Can AKCAN


Profession: Design, Management

Süleyman SEZER


Profession: Sr. Android Development