We dream together, grow together and plan the future together with the Patronus Family.

Spin the Bottle Big Update

We are getting ready to give a big update for our trend game, spin the bottle, in terms of visuals and gameplay. The new version will be with you very soon.

work ın progress! new!


Dringo is basically a board game. It is an entertainment game that you can play offline as a group and online through rooms in the future, and it is completely free from its competitors. It brings freshness to the players at every moment with its different playing styles and aims to maximize the fun. If you want, you can add fun to your fun with a classic mode such as spin the bottle, or with modes such as team battle or the 5s rule. Spin the wheel, answer questions as a group or individually, and accept your punishment. Follow the instructions no matter how crazy! Dringo takes care of the rest! Good times and hysterical laughter guaranteed!

What Is Our Purpose, What Do We Want To Do?

We want to break the hypercasual game perception and monotony and place R&D and innovation as indispensable parts in the game world. We want to produce games where we can find solutions to daily problems and various problems with games. In addition to our games, we aim to find solutions to problems with applications and appeal to all segments. We want to be a game and app factory and be a source of inspiration. While doing this, we want to produce and develop together with the Patronus Family culture, which we are trying to create, together with our user, the Patronus Family Member. Our main goal is to create an idea, a culture.

In addition, the use of social media is very important to us. We see social media as a means of keeping the pulse, interaction and feedback, being one with the user and creating a culture. When we first started, we increased our user interaction and growth with continuous sharing, weekly contests and live broadcasts, but we were lacking in social media with the workload that followed. Many game companies do not pay attention to the use of marketing and social media, because the publisher company does them. But we think that in order for companies to reflect themselves and interact directly, there should be teammates who are interested in marketing and social media, and this should be paid attention to.

Our Near Future Games-Apps Plans

In the future, we aim to make a difference by improving our current games and to work with various publishers and investors as a result. We want to increase our game diversity by growing our team. We want to add simulation games to our portfolio. Our next goal is to make games in the status of an R&D project by using the developing AR and VR technologies through gamification. In this process, we continue to develop our applications, which we call applications that make life easier.

During the work of our Dringo game, we are planning to release our application called “Fastercharger”, which will extend the battery life of your phone and charge more healthily.
After launching our Dringo game, we aim to develop our game-app called “Scout Manager”, which will be a simulation type and also an R&D project.